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02-24-2013, 03:50 AM
les Habs
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It's funny seeing a match like this right after the Milan match. Great to see some of the things I think the team could do differently to beat a packed in defense paying off. We saw more crosses and definitely more dribbling and taking on the opposing player. In fact it was crosses and dribbling that both were present in the goals.

Of course sadly none of that came from Alexis Sanchez who I am finally losing faith in as well. He wasn't awful and put in the work, but doesn't like he's willing to even attempt to take on a player. His "rivals" if you will in Villa and Tello however were a different story. I liked a lot of what I saw from Villa off the ball and I thought his teammates did him a disservice in the first half as too much play went down the right. In fact IIRC Messi was on the ball once with Villa wide open on the left and he still played it right. He looked good off the ball when he moved into the middle as well and it was great to see him score. Tello immediately had an impact and still looks dangerous out there. He's so fast and he's not afraid to take a player on which is great. It actually got me to thinking of a far more expensive option in the Summer, one that would have done much better with the scoring chance. Anyway, the kid is dangerous and I would expect to see him against Madrid and Milan.

MOTM for me was Dani Alves. I'll start off by saying sure, he was on Botia for their goal, but even if Botia was his mark he's going to be mismatched in aerial battle all day long. That's not to mention him being outmuscled. Still apart from that he was quite good. Solid defensively and I liked what I saw going forward. His crossing is definitely improved and better than he's given credit for. His cross for Villa's goal was quite good. He was really impressive in the latter minutes of the match when he was the wide right player. He took on players and proved a dribbling threat even getting Botia carded on one nice play.

I also liked Thiago out there. Did well deputizing for Xavi. IMO he'll be the heir for that role. Liked him making a couple of runs with the ball too. In fact on the second goal I think it was him who made the run, drawing players in a bit and in part helping to leave Tello wide open on the right. Either way you could see the danger it caused and again we need to see more of it as we did this match.

While the result was fair, full credit to Sevilla for having a real go. Negredo should have done better with the opportunity he had. He did everything right with Rakitic's great ball until the finish. Still I think Sevilla showed you don't have put 10 behind the ball to play us.

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