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02-24-2013, 05:09 AM
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Originally Posted by dahrougem2 View Post
But why do you have that mentality? Why must it always be for the future? Can we not acquire a player who is going to help us right away? Does it HAVE to be for a player who is going to help us when we contend as well. If that's the case, the Avs are better off trading for a player like Michael Del Zotto, or Jake Gardiner, or Keith Yandle, but I doubt any of those GM's trades for O'Reilly straight up like that. Sather most likely won't even bother with O'Reilly, the Avs add if its Yandle, and Gardiner is beloved in T.O.

Also, as to your analogy of finishing with the 12th pick instead of the 10th; were we not in the playoff hunt all of last season? Up until the last 5 or 6 games when we fell apart down the stretch? Whose to say that this team can't realistically make the playoffs? If the trade hypothetically happened, a lineup of:

McLeod/Mitchell/Olver or Bordeleau


Of course this depends on whether or not Johnson and Wilson can come back sooner rather than later this season, but I like that lineup, I like what I've seen from Palushaj so far albeit a very limited sample size. I know Sacco would never approve of these lines but its what I would do if the trade happened

Why do I have this mentality? Because it is the right thing to do.
I want to win or atleast have a chance at the cup. Our team is a mess the last time I checked. Trading younger assets for 32 yr old players is exactly NOT the way to go. If the Avs can not even get MDZ or Gardiner for ROR, they better send Sherman with roses to the doorstep of the O'Reilly's because we would lose this trade so bad it is not even funny....
We were in the playoff hunt. Great. Would we have won even one game in the 1st round? Doubtful. We are not there yet.
Our captain just turned 20 for christ sake and we are talking about trading away a 22 year old core player. We will not contend for a cup in the next 2 years. We probably won't make the playoffs either. So what should we do right now?
The right answer is to collect assets. And your trade does exactly the opposite. We gain Pouliot who is great but we also lose Elliott and a 2nd. We gain Backlund (who is nothing special) but lose out on the return of Jones and Zanon (2nd +5th or sth.). And we lose our 22 yr old core player and gain 32 yr old Orpik. All in all we have severely downgraded our future assets. Great...

Sorry that I am not excited... If we are trading ROR we certainly should not add young pieces and picks to him only to get a 32 yr old player who will have declined once we have a shot at anything.
That is bad asset management. Period.

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