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02-24-2013, 04:11 AM
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On the whole, I like this realignment. I discussed 8xEast 7xWest in the earlier thread, though my alignment there had the Florida teams with Dallas/etc and Chicago + the Peg or Minnesota with Detroit/Toronto/etc.

I think TBL and FLA work in that divison, though. It's very possible that they were 2/4 teams that voted against the alignment last time around, and its also possible Toronto/Montreal were the other 2. Detroit is given to that division to placate all 4 of those teams and I think that works; that's a massive pickup for the other O6 teams, and also a massive pickup in terms of viewership and ticket prices for the FLA teams. Meanwhile, Detroit wins that room for obvious reasons. Rewarded with 2392032002x better ratings vs. the 15 years they helped the NHL by staying with meh markets.

Columbus is an obvious big winner as well. Hopefully the TV viewership and possible ticket buyers they'll get from all those wealthy NE US teams will help them along.

Chicago will miss Detroit, but they're a good team again. Also, even though they lose 4x games of Detroit, they're picking up 1x game each against NYR, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Philly, Pittsburgh... and with only having 1 team out of their time zone in division (Colorado) I think they still come out ahead.

The big losers are probably Nashville and St. Louis, but I don't see them as having much power. They'll either like it for their own reasons or be told to deal with it. It shouldn't be Detroit's responsibility to help prop them up. As a Detroit fan, I won't miss the grinding, weardown play of the former and 2-3 decades of cheapshot artistry from the latter.

I think Colorado comes out ahead with the potential matchups. I also really like the format as someone living in Colorado. I get to see 1 home game with the Bolts and Wings each year, and then I also get to see a lot more Chicago, and get to root against other teams I like to root against, like the Blues. Avs fans better get used to having more injuries, though.

It's a big win for everything west of Colorado, so I don't think too much comment is needed there. They get to play teams within their own time zones more and get to play the marquee teams of the east more.

NBC/the US media powers should also be quite happy with the 2 east divisions.

As for future expansion to QC, we'll see who gets moved or how things get shuffled to facilitate that--easy pick is Columbus moving back to the central. The other expansion team will be somewhere in the US west of the Mississippi... KC, Houston, or Seattle if the 'Yotes aren't relo'd to Seattle.

Originally Posted by guyincognito View Post
Everyone there is going to throw alot of money around. Ottawa is probably their closest competitor and I'm sure Ottawa will outspend them too.
Tampa with their present sort of roster is also going to be a "throw lots of money around" team--see their profits when they were successful previously, before awful ownership. Having extra profits from Detroit and the local canadians is going to make that even easier.

Florida will either benefit from the extra money they get from the divisional matchups or eventually relocate. If they can't at least be financially successful with that division, there probably isn't much going for them in the future. I hope that's not the case.

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