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02-24-2013, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by wr50l View Post
Toughness Test:

1. Do you bully the Bruins?
If yes) too tough.
If no) see question 2.

2. Do you stick up for your team, and occasionally get into line brawls with division rivals?
If yes) you're doing it right.
If no) see question 3.

3. Do you get bullied by the softest and smallest team in the NHL from Montreal?
If yes) you are too soft. Do something.
If no) could do better, but at least you aren't an embarrassment to yourselves, your fans and the organization as a whole.
You don't seriously think the Habs are the softest or smallest team in the NHL anymore, do you?

Under Jacques Martin they played to the Power Play and their rep grew to being soft/divers/whatever Broons fans would think to say. After Jacques they were tough but lost. Now under Therrien they're even tougher and don't lose as much.

For the record, as a fan who had to deal with all the softness jokes and insecurities, formulating or getting a passing/possession/scoring game is leagues more important to toughness. You get tough when you can risk losing a penalty call, which means when you can spare the odd goal against because you're sure you can score. The Rangers are in a slump, it's not toughness that's gonna score goals.

Dunno if it's Torts or who's to blame.

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