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02-24-2013, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
West is a beast against the Heat and he always kills them but Hibbert was only good in games 1 and 3 of that series. I also wouldn't call an 8 point lead at halftime "substantial". Another thing to keep in mind when looking at that series is that Bosh played a total of 16 minutes. He left game 1 with an injury and didn't play another game in the series. Losing Bosh, especially on the offensive end, is huge. Whether you like him or not, he's still an all-star and probably a top five power forward.

This isn't like it was in Cleveland when teams could let LeBron do whatever he wanted but they would still win because LeBron got no help. I already mentioned Bosh in my last post and this one but a lot of people seem to be writing off or ignoring Wade. He's giving up shots to LeBron, Bosh, and Allen now but he's still 8th in scoring. Everyone likes to talk about the seasons Kobe and Harden are having but Wade has actually been a more efficient player and he's better on the defensive end. I'll give the edge to Kobe right now but Wade is still right behind him for best SG in the league. Pacers can hope he gets injured because that's the only way he'll be one of the players who can't do anything like you put it.
Everything you said is true, but, as good as Wade is, Paul George, imo at least, is more than capable of matching up against him.

I will be very interested when the Heat sign Oden (which I assume the Pittman trade was for)

The Pacers are huge and they are mean. The Heat are utterly dominante and talented but a bit on the small side. There isn't a player on that roster that can control David West down low and if Roy Hibbert can figure out how to control his body better and adding in Granger and Hansborough's defense and George's crazy length, who knows what might happen.

The Heat are far and away, head and shoulders, the class of the East, but if there is a team that could somehow knock them off, I believe it's the Pacers.

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