Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers/Canadiens 2/23/2013
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02-24-2013, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
This game was obviously a first degree **** show and everything, but can I just add that the pregame festivities in Montreal are extremely overrated? I kind of like the kids with the flags, but would you guys like to know how it all starts?

First, one fan's video of Ole Ole is shown on the scoreboard. Then more join. And more join, and even more. Until they make a Habs logo. The Ole Ole crap continues on for at least three excruciating minutes. Not fun at all. Oh, they don't even have a goal song. It's a horn, and then a train advertisement is shown on the scoreboard.

But I must say that their scoreboard is very nice. Beautiful, actually.

Back to deservingly piling it on our team, they were embarrassing out there. I didn't watch the third period because I just left after two, but oh boy. They completely fell off the wagon in the second period. Where was the forechecking? Hitting? A sign of life?

Not impressed by Torts' comments either. You found a way to get a point? Is that an accomplishment now? Against a team missing its 1C, 1D, best winger, and a whole bunch of others? Let alone that you were playing their backup goalie in the third? That's unacceptable.

I guess they did not hear about "The Honeymooners" in that province.

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