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02-24-2013, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
I was one of those who was very worried about our defensive group going into the season, even with Erik on there, but the number of quality scoring chances allowed against is is absurdly low. Weird saying this having gotten the numbers of saves per shot that we have, but I actually think the GA number should be even lower, since there have been some semi-soft and full-on soft goals against both goaltenders. That's always going to happen at some rate unless you have an absolute top-tier goalie, though, I guess.

Can't complain about D in their own zone so far. Au contrair, they deserve all the praise in the world.
Anderson has virtually no soft goals against. All of that has been said about our defensive system is true. But let's give Anderson a ton of credit. He swallows pucks like no one else has. He gives up virtually no second chances.... His rebound control is his greatest skill. As soon as it touches him the offensive chance is over. Bishop hasn't looked as good visually because he can let out crazy rebounds.... At least compared to the godlike play of Anderson this year. Bishop though has played quite well, he is amazing at making the net really small and not reacting. He doesn't even seem to flinch on shots that are wide of the net. He has been awesome in shootouts and clearly has confidence.

And there is every forward on the team.... Totally committed to defence. And covering up whenever needed. Phillips for example seems to quite often, more then in past years... Carry the puck into the corner on offence to try to start a play up. When he does he īs always coveted by a forward.

The system remains... Without Karlsson. We still gain possession of the puck a lot... But we lose it more often in the neutral zone or bringing it into the offensive zone, or keeping it there.

I love our system. In the Leafs game it was relentlessly exciting... Not a boring system to watch. Still effective without Karlsson.

Maclean is awesome. He might be our 2nd MVP after Anderson so far!

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