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02-24-2013, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by urho View Post
I'm starting to feel sorry for him as he ended up with the Wild. Extremely defensive system with a coach who doesn't give a flying **** about how he's playing... Totally random line lottery and bad decisions overall. Hopefully somebody offers Wild a package they can't turn down.
Maybe so, but us finns who aren't Wild fans who watch him play, do get a warped sense of his play, both good and bad. He was terrible in the beginning, and it's only against that that his recent performance has looked good. He's now a semi-competent offensive NHL-player that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb anymore offensively, but he has done 0% of Granlund-things so far, the things that made him a top10 pick. He did try to do them in his first games, and quickly realised that they don't work in the NHL. The fact that he's brutal defensively(yes, his +- is good, but his D doesn't pass the eye test) is also a big minus for giving him more ice time.

When watching games only focusing on Granlund, you don't notice the other players on the ice in the same manner, and that's why there are so many finns here ragging on Cullen, Coyle, Larsson or whoever they feel is keeping MiG out of the top2 lines. That's why it seems like Granlund is outplaying guys that are in the top2 lines, because you(we) notice Granlunds every run-of-the-mill pass in the neutral zone, but don't do it when Cullen does it. If Granlund bumps the puck loose in the corner, and the team scores thanks to that, you(we) all notice it, but if Cullen/Larsson/Coyle does the same play five times in the game it doesn't register, as it's just a normal but good hockey play.

Yeo sucks as a coach, that's for sure, but MiG's play does not warrant a top 2 role right now, and he has done absolutely nothing on the PP all season. Send him down, make him bathe in a bowl of roids in the summer, and let's see what he can do next season....

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