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Originally Posted by cslebn View Post
I think this hits the nail on the head really. We've seen little to no teaching for our forwards. The scheming on the ice has been terrible. Decision making has been questionable (Brass is the worst center for FO % on the team and is worse than half the wings too). Richards has seemingly been as inconsistent as the team performance on the ice.

If there is one thing I expect JD to mandate down is to work hard and play hard every day and every night, win or lose.

That would be a godsend. I just can't believe something so good would happen to the jackets. On the other hand, how good is Tippett even at developing players? Turris and Mueller both failed pretty hard with him and his system (very good system coach), though Turris has now gone on to do quite well with Ottawa.

What about Paul Jerrad, Joey Mullen, or John Stevens?
I don't think we have a clue as to the coaching staff's teaching or lack thereof. What we do know is the players haven't learned how to score. The rest of your criticism of the coaching is more justifiable.

As to Tippett and the young guys, who knows? Mueller had injury issues and Turris was a contract issue although his numbers weren't very good. Both seem to be doing ok now so at least they weren't irreparably damaged by his coaching.

And the Jackets seem to be playing hard on a fairly consistent basis so effort isn't the issue.

As to which coach is right for this team, I think the addition of some guys who can put the puck in the net is a much more important issue.

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