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02-24-2013, 07:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Tonight Phoenix vs Edmonton. See if Bødker can get a point there, though two teams that have had good defence so far, but are also fairly low scoring.
1 assist for Boedker, but not an overall great game, watched it, and im still very uncertain about Boedker.

He shows flashes of brilliance, but something is missing.

NYI vs Buffalo. Frans Nielsen might streak against Buffalo's generous defence.
Good game from NYI, Nielsen with loads of TOI but no offensive contribution and a 0 rating for him. Didn't watch the game, so if anyone has info on his overall game?

NYR vs Montreal. Both teams on OT last time....could be so again! Hope Lars Eller keep shining.
Great game from Eller, WOW, just WOW.. Watched the game, and other than his +3 rating 1g and 1a, he played a great game in his own end, and showed that he IS a good playmaker and that he CAN dangle

Toronto vs Ottawa. Happy if Regin just plays. Toronto has been surpisingly good so far, but Ottawa still get points through weakened without both Karlsson and Spezza.
No Regin.

San Jose vs Dallas. Tough one for Dallas and for Philip Larsen to withstand their attack-bulk.
Win for Dallas but low TOI for Larsen and no signifacant impact offensively.. Again, did not watch the game, so if anyone has any idea about his D in this game?


In the AHL Frederik Andersen stoppen 37 out of 39 shots in Norfolks 3-2 win and that earned him another 1st star

Also, all hope might not be out for Andersen, got this from the Canes board.

Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
Not quite.

Reading the Ducks forum, it sounds like they'll likely trade Hiller in the offseason (to not only give Hiller a chance to start somewhere, but free up space to sign Getzlaf/Perry), then go into next season with a Fasth/Andersen combination.

Sort of a 1A/1B situation. Which, to be fair, is still probably a better deal than he would have gotten here.
Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
I don't really blame the guy or his agent.

He (and his agent) saw the writing on the wall, and knew that Ward is likely going to be the starter for the majority of Ward's career. So he left elsewhere to see if he can't win the starter spot on a team that's a little more tumultuous in their starting goaltender position.

And if Anaheim does go with Fasth/Andersen as a 1A/1B, that's likely going to be his best shot. When Fasth struggles (and I don't doubt that he will at some point), it'll be on Andersen to get his chance.

Take it for what it is

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