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02-24-2013, 08:09 AM
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Not sure what the real scoop behind closed doors is, but from an outsiders point of view these guys just don't have each others backs.

When you look up and down the roster is appears you have team first guys. It appears this is a good group. No real negative influences, no guys out partying and sleeping it off in a sewer system...No guys showing up in the papers with DWI's or domestic abuse issues. No arrests....So what really gives in this room?

Two seasons ago Gaborik got bet up by Carcillo. Girardi was right there. He had zero reaction. One teams tough guy giving to the other teams top goal scorer. I had all time high levels of disgust that moment. Last night I kept thinking the same thing. Who's going to answer the bell?

Specifically...Why didn't Bickel and Mashinter get put out next shift? Why have them if you not going to use them? Had to be one of two reasons.
1) They don't have each others backs
2) Torts is instructing them specifically not to drop the mitts.

Lastly...Brian Boyle. A guy I wanted to see in the Rangers top 6. A guy I wanted to see move to the wing and get more of a role with this club. A guy that I've defended as a player...I'm new completely done with.

Out of hand game. Marty get run. Intentional or not, after the McDonough hit you now have to 100% respond. So he goes over as says..."Hey man, don't shove Marty" and wait for the officials to come in between them.

Regarding Boyle this is now the 2nd time that he has failed to act on a play while on the ice. Orpiks hit on rookie and top prospect on the team Chris Kreider.Boyler gazed over to the refs on that one..."Hey man, you gonna call that?"

Rangers have a lot of the right pieces to this puzzle. I'm not on the glass is half empty side of things. I am on the side that feels that this club needs gamers, and tougher players added in the top 6 as well on the defense. But not just tough players. Guys that will put team first always. Guys that you don't need to look down the bench at to see if they are going to jump out there and do the deed. It's the guys that you know are going to be out there next shift looking to change it up.

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