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02-24-2013, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
I want nothing to do with Ryder to the Penguins, that's all there is to it. Panties in a bunch? Very mature.

He is a complimentary winger, he's a guy that disappears if his linemates aren't creating space for him, not a guy going out there and creating the space himself. You seem to think we folks that watch the East, have no clue about Michael Ryder a guy that has spent 95% of his career, guess where....

In the Eastern conference with Montreal & Boston. I know exactly what kind of player he is, you have him for a year and a half and suddenly you're Andy Sutton.
You're inferring a ton about how we view the player and how we view your understanding of the player.

He disappears if his linemates aren't creating space...are you worried your all-world centers can't provide that space?

You've been quite the example of maturity in this thread. I do apologize greatly.

Originally Posted by domaug View Post
i can't speak for Honour Over Glory, but here are some reasons why i wouldn't trade for Ryder (they all go hand-in-hand for this player, too, so each individual point wouldn't necessarily stand for any other player available as far as i'm concerned):

--impending UFA
--expensive contract (i know the UFA thing weakens that point a bit, but still)
--trading on a "what-if" basis (like "if he played with Crosby, yada yada yada")
--cost likely too high for the Pens' comfort zone
--better options are available for similar or lower cost

some of those above points could be applied to the Ponikarovski trade in hindsight, but hindsight is always 20-20
--Impending UFA...those are generally the most available type of player at the deadline every season. This year is no different.

--His contract is in line with his production, but if you're saying your team actually can't fit his contract then I understand. I would just add that IF (I don't know that Pittsburgh actually is in the market for a winger) the Pens are looking to add firepower at the wing position then you're going to be hard-pressed to find a guy available for a cheaper price tag contract-wise.

--Not really sure what you mean about a "what if" basis. Ryder scored 5 of his 6 goals while playing with rookie phenom Cody Eakin. Assuming (hoping?) Malkin gets over his head issues Ryder would be playing with more talent in Pittsburgh than he has been in Dallas.

--Cost too high, completely understand.

--I'm curious what other options you would put forth.

Edit: Btw, thanks for discussing this rationally. It's much appreciated.

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