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Originally Posted by Iracundia View Post

Who cares this is fantasy GMing anyways. Nothing said on here impacts any REAL deals what so ever. At best, someone gets bragging rights if they luck out and call a trade that actually goes down.

Dater already said Sherman won't rush the trade and is more than willing to wait to get what he wants. It might go all the way to the draft unless a desperate team offers an overpayment before the trade deadline. So go to the offseason and allow the other GMs to use their compliance buyouts to get things in order then let the bidding begin.

ROR just turned 22 and is +154 in takeaways and almost 53% on face offs to go with his 107pts over 3 seasons. He did this on a rebuilding cap floor team.

Jordan Staal in his first 3 years was just +14 in takeaways, 47% on face offs to go with 119pts. Add to the fact that Staal was on a team that won the cup in his 3rd year. Things get a little easier when the opposition has to focus on Crosby and Malkin.

Anyways after looking at the numbers, the same ones the GMs look at, I'm confident the return will be good. To the team that gets ROR congrats, your team won the trade.
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Originally Posted by birddog View Post
Jordan Staal did nt get the icetime ROR did. Especially the PP time.
I play the EA Sports NHL series too but I don't come back to HFboards to post stats and opinions based on that though.

Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
We are comparing ROR's and Jordan Staal's first 3 seasons in the league? Really? Is it asking to much of you to do some basic research?

Staal had 411:87 minutes of pp time in his first 3 seasons. Know how much ROR had? 284:93 minutes of pp time. Wow, really? ROR had more pp time than Staal? Total minutes? ROR had 3,306:12 minutes. Staal? 3,103:32 minutes. So...similar even strength time for them both...and ROR had significantly less pp time, despite you stating he actually had more. Your ice time argument just went up in smoke.
Furthermore, each guy's first 3 years on the PP:

RoR - 09-10 - 0:35s avg pp time per game
RoR - 10-11 - 0:37s avg pp time per game
RoR - 11-12 - 2:21m avg pp time per game

Staal - 06-07 - 1:12m avg pp time per game
Staal - 07-08 - 1:31m avg pp time per game
Staal - 08-09 - 2:19m avg pp time per game

Clearly, Staal never got the PP ICE TIME that RoR got! (Not to mention playing with either Crosby or Malkin)

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