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02-24-2013, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
What position did Eller and Galchenyuk play. Did they both rotate between right wing and center, or Galchenyuk as center and Eller as RW??
Really great to see him work his way out slowly of a tough position in the club!
They rotated a bit, but Eller was centre most of the night. Not his best night for face offs, but he was absolutely brilliant with everything else. Lars brings out the best in Galchenyuk. The two skate so well and so fast. It forced Cole to return to his previous level of speed, which made a huge difference; It's a lot like last season with Kostitsyn. Except he gets two skilled wingers instead of one! When Bourque is back from the flu, I could see Cole either staying with Eller and Galchenyuk or Bourque taking his place. Putting a power forward (even a marginal one) with Eller gets stuff done. And as usual, he was impeccable defensively. The complete nature of his game gets overlooked sometimes because it's just automatic for him.

Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Really hope that Eller can stay with Galchenyuk (and Cole?) when Gallagher comes back; but with recent Montreal history he could still be moved back to 4'th line?! At least Montreal now have increased his trading value a lot if that is their plan (or if they get an offer they can't refuse).
As each game passes it becomes more obvious to (almost) everyone that Eller is a much more effective centre than Desharnais. Cole was with Desharnais and did a whole lot of nothing. A few games with Eller and he's much better. Galchenyuk is at his best with Eller. It's not an accident. I really don't see how MT/MB can justify not keeping Eller and playing him where he belongs when he makes everyone around him better and is much more reliable defensively. DD can be transitioned into a winger if he sticks around, which lets us roll an incredible amount of skill in the top 9. It just doesn't make sense to me why they'd downgrade so much. Especially in today's NHL. Small centres kill you, particularly ones who don't win a lot of face offs and get knocked off the puck constantly.

Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Anyone has some idea of the rumour he might go to Columbus? What would Montreal demand from Eller and what will people trade him for?
I haven't heard that one, but I would hope it doesn't happen. Both for selfish reasons and the fact that it'd have a severe impact on his career. Columbus just can't get it together. I really don't know who we'd want from their roster. Basically everyone would be a lateral move at best. Columbus is in an endless rebuild and I doubt they'd move forward prospects. Brassard? Anisimov? We don't want or need any of their D or D prospects. Don't really like any of that...

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