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Originally Posted by Joey Jr Shabadoo View Post
The NHL has to have some sort-of idea about what is going to happen to the Coyotes - that being said, the Coyotes must be staying west, or contracting.

I cannot fathom the NHL would go through all of this trouble solving realignment with the NHLPA, shuffling teams around, giving Columbus and Detroit what they finally deserve - then move Phoenix to Quebec, and shuffle teams again after 1 year - that makes no sense. Especially if they moved Columbus or Detroit to Conf #3 - although not as bad as being with the Pacific coast teams, it's still being moved west again.

I need to know what's happening to the Coyotes!
JJS - My conclusion about all this is that, in your words, "THAT MAKES NO SENSE." As you well know, nothing about the Coyotes makes any sense. It is my belief, and that's all any of us have right now in Coyoteland (the mythical place where they wonder about the future of the Coyotes), belief. Anyway, it's my belief that Bettman isn't even telling the BoG what he knows. It's my belief that he thinks it would be egg on his face to leave PHX, so he holds on for all he can. I think he is hoping someone can negotiate a shorter term lease with CoG and keep the team there.

My only question really is this: If PHX is still not determined, why create realignment? It would seem better to wait a year or 2, and do it after PHX is settled.
Likewise, if PHX is settled, why not wait on realignment until you can make a PHX announcement?

So, my conclusion is: Bettman wants it to look like PHX is stable, nothing wrong, no issues. So, he ignores it. "PHX is not an issue. The Coyotes are as stable a market as any in the league. We need to realign because of Winnipeg. This is how we will do it...."

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