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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
America does not give a damn about hockey. Hockey is behind bowling and golf for coverage. If the NHL wants to be an American sport they need to come up to American Standards for Sport! This means no more BS rule tweeking and shifting enforcement. Nobody is going to bet on a game where the officials don't like Burrows or they protect Crosby!! No betting means no following, so no TV or even interest.

The NHL is a joke and has been for many, many years. Everybody with normal human relationships will attest. Disconnected people searching for meaning instead of building it will embrace hockey and defend it to the rhetorical death. Hockey will thrive in these people's lives and co-habit their Mother's basements until they take things seriously and grow up. Hockey, I mean, not the fanboys, they'll never grow up.

Canada watches hockey because we all played it outside all winter. Got a garden hose? Build a rink! Also, Canada has nothing else. Curling? Lacrosse? So, we accept hockey without really examining how flawed it has become. Some complained when Wayne became a ward of the game and was not subjected to contact. Some objected when they moved the nets out for him to hide behind. Some objected when he began to call penalties, but not enough. So, to cash in on the Wayne, hockey sold itself. SOLD OUT!
You do realize that the Heritage Classic happened first, right?

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