Thread: Confirmed with Link: No Suspension for Max Pacioretty
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02-24-2013, 09:07 AM
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I'm ok with a hearing for this.... but....

All I'm hearing in the press is that Patches did this because McDo hit him... probably true. Lets go back a couple years, to the Chara thing.... everyone and his dog knew that was retaliation but you can't prove that kind of thing so Chara got nothing. It'll be ironic if Patches gets suspended for this.

Also, not for nothing but... if I'm patches and I get my bell rung by another player, and I also know this league has done nothing to protect me in the past, I'm going to do something about it myself. This probably doesn't happen if McDo had been assessed a penalty. Perhaps the next time someone thinks about running him they'll think twice.

As for the hit... McDo knew he was coming and had a clear choice to continue around the boards, he'll probably lose the puck and create a chance, but.... he chose to turn into a vulnerable position.

I find it amusing that this gets a hearing, but, Colton Orr in a clear rage over his stick being tossed going after a knee doesn't. This is why the NHL has injury problems. Don't punish the result, punish the intent and you'll have far less injuries.

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