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02-24-2013, 09:21 AM
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I saw a bunch of Habs over the last 12 years or so.

I saw Sheldon Souray in the bathroom at a club and he was getting heckled by a couple guys for wanting to be traded out west.

I saw Saku Koivu and Marc Recchi at the liquor box like 12 years ago and spoke to them and shook there hand and Koivu even bought me a beer... fricking bartender wouldn't let me keep the bottle.

I saw Andrei Kostitsin 2 years ago leaving the fire grill restaurant downtown.

I also saw Cristobal Huet in old Montreal with his wife and baby in a stroller.

I was at starbucks in Laval when this hot chick walked in with a huge pair of knockers and I remember telling myself " who the hell is getting to play with those things??" and like literally 5 seconds later this guy walks in with a baby in his arms and kisses the girl and low and behold it's Steve Begin... lol

I went to say Hi and shake his hand and tell him that I liked him as a player because he always played hard and he was fun to watch on the PK... he thanked me and introduced me to his wife to which I had a hard time keeping a straight face lol.
Afterwords I went to get a another coffee and Steve paid the coffee for me. Really cool guy by the way.

Fun fact I was there like 3 hours because I was reading a book... after Steve left, Pierre Vercheval showed an hour later. He's an ex Alouette player.

I went to the bank with my mother like 20 years ago and Patrick Roy was there signing autographs... still counts!

Thinking back now I've been pretty damn lucky with Habs player sightings and interaction as well lol.

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