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02-24-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
We can't know the truth (as you've put it) of the trade until we see how Siemens and Rattie develop and that's without taking the fact that the other players involved in the trade aren't finished products either.

Personally I never liked Stewart and his maddening inconsistency and I'm a big fan of Siemens so I'm bound to look at the trade in a brighter light than you, but only one thing is for sure, only time can tell who got the shorter end of the stick in that trade.
Yes, rationale. Of course the draft picks do carry some weight, but Siemens is going to *really* have to eclipse Rattie to start tilting this thing the Avs way. Or EJ will indeed have to become EK offensively. Or Shattenkirk would have to be launched into orbit or something.

And if the Avs trade Siemens for prospects in a few years, there'll inevitably be people saying that we need to wait for those prospects to develop before we really assess the trade. And so on, and so on. A self-fullfilling prophecy that has the nice tidy benefit of not actually having to look at results to date. Which of course is your right and anyone else's.

However, I choose to put some weight on today's results.

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