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02-24-2013, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Also, I have a question about this realignment:

Remember last time - 16 months ago. HNIC had a realignment that they showed the world. It was not what the NHL eventually announced. Could the same happen now?
What I keep laughing to myself about, MNN, and I think you understand this, is the growing number of people here giving reason how this alignment "makes sense", and then I look back at the alignment proposed 14 months and all the people saying that that alignment made sense. A lot of people just seem willing to go with whatever is offered up, as long as it doesn't effect their team in some way they preceive as negative. Now here we've primarily got Hawks, Blues, and Predators fans complaining; but if their team wasn't "negatively" effected and instead it were some other teams, they'd be giving the alignment praise.

People justifying last year's alignment with the Quebec City expansion/relocation explanation; now people justifying this one with the Seattle expansion/relocation explanation. And those Markham people just willing to throw their hoped for team into whatever Division is available... LOL... If there's a vacancy available in the Atlantic,... oh, it's because Toronto2 will go there; if there's a vacancy available in the Central,... oh, it's because Toronto2 will go there.

There are few explanations for these alignment proposals, other than they're being the only ones the League thinks it can get passed with enough votes, or now also without the PA objecting. And any explanations that do eventually come along, they're afterthoughts, or secondary, or the League finding ways to justify what they did.

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