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02-24-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by The Lone Ranger View Post
Aw hell!!! After watching McD getting plastered on the boards by Pacioretty and the rest of the team letting it go,.... I've changed my mind on this topic.

**** the conventional wisdom that says $2.5 mil. is too much to pay Prust. **** the notion that Asham or anybody else on the current roster has filled Prust's role as enforcer.

Let's face reality. This team's identity has changed w/o Pruster, and not for the better. In one season, we've evolved from the toughest and grittiest squad in the NHL into a team that has become one of the league's softest..... physically and mentally speaking.

If he was still on our side, Prust would not have let that crap with McD go unpunished. Without a doubt, he would have led the charge for immediate payback. We might have still have lost the game, but Prust would have made sure that Montreal walks away from the arena with more bruises and bloody noses.
Couldn't agree more. In retrospect, Prust is worth every penny of the $2.5MM he's getting annually from Montreal. We blew it not keeping him. Our team is getting abused. I'm getting a little tired of teams roughing up Hagelin.

Pruster isn't the biggest or toughest dude around, but that is exactly what makes him so valuable. He can (and will) go after ANYBODY because he's the same size or smaller than most of the players who are getting abusive with our guys. With Prust on the team, I think other players think twice before they give that extra shove in a scrum, or put that extra effort into a hit, making it border line dirty. He also has a good sense of when the timing for retribution is right.

The loss of Prust has definitely hurt this team.

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