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02-24-2013, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
wow...that would really suck in my opinion.....being the only canadian team not in a conference with any other canadian teams would make us lost in the media hinterland more than we already are....we are already demoted to the 2:00 time slot on saturdays....imagine what this would do.

tough to form a rivalry with giant american cities where the sport is number 5 on the popularity list, and none of their fans could find us on a map, or pronounce the name of our city....the natural rivalries are with canadian cities, where there is some passion for the game....where we have a connection beyond the game on the ice.

the best games are when toronto, montreal, edmonton have come to town because the barn is full of opposing fans.....everyone in winnipeg knows someone in those cities.....remember the games in calgary and vancouver last year?...they were like home games for the jets.....we are intimately connected to those cities......none of that will happen with St. louis or Denver....i doubt many of their fans will be coming up here for games the way people from edmonton did last year.

at least before we had 2 original 6 teams as compensation for being the ugly we dont even get that....all of these hockey night in canada games we get......all the games we get on TSN, sportsnet, will mean nothing to us at often is there a nashville/dallas game on tv? often is there a calgary, edmonton or vancouver game on?.....4-5 times a week?

i was hoping they would at least abandon the 4 conference idea so games all across the west meant something to us in the standings....this year is a perfect example of how games in the other conference mean nothing......i have zero interest in watching all of those games we see because they mean nothing to us.
You are in the minority with this opinion, Truviking. You are not going to get what you want, so deal with it and just enjoy the ride.

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