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02-24-2013, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by ottergolfer View Post
an interesting stat to see would be the number of assists by Otters defense men on opposing team goals.

a give away by (insert any name) and its in the net..Otters down by 3 now ... another give a way in the d zone comes back to haunt the Otters.....

hate to keep chirping these guys but man enough is enough , if you don't want to play here and give 100% do the fans a favor and don't dress for the game.
Easy. Look at their +/-. Do you continue to put players in situations where they aren't helping you win? We play 'em cause we think they're better and we think they're better because we play 'em. It's a vicious circle.

Lotsa criticism levelled at the players and this may be valid but on the other hand if half your bench figures no amount of hard work = reward and the other half figure no amount of sloppiness = less ice team or special teams you end up with a bench full of underachievers. Ice time isn't being earned. Where is the accountability?

If players that aren't helping you win are still coughing up the puck along the half wall or D that turn over the puck down low with regularity are still killing penalties and on the power play and the rest have concluded nothing they do will affect their ice time anyway don't expect a different outcome anytime soon. This team can't afford to let anything other than on ice execution determine who plays and when. Forget where we drafted him or who drafted him after he got here. Takes some courage though.

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