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02-24-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by domaug View Post
i understand time heals a lot of grudges, especially over pro sports, but the "dying alive" garbage still stings
The dying alive stuff was, IMO and IIRC, mostly media created ********. They kept hammering away at the guy until he gave him a soundbite that was kind of suspect and fairly out of context and used it to crucify him. If I had to guess I'd wager that most of the people who boo Jagr for the dying alive comments weren't even around to hear them when they were said. They've just taken on kind of an urban legend status among the Pens fanbase that gets passed down through the ages. And yes, I realize the irony of this coming from someone with my particular username, I just think the phrase is hilarious.

That said, Jagr did burn a lot of bridges this last time. I think that's partially on him and partially on the fans who just assumed that he'd be coming back, but there's no question it could have been handled better & it left a sour taste in a lot of mouths from the top of the organization right down through the fans. The fact that Shero withdrew the offer before the deadline even came & went tells you something.

tl;dr version: I don't think they'd be interested in trading for Jagr & I don't think he'll ever play here again. They may give him a 1 day contract when he retires & let him retire a Penguin and hang his number. Depends on how things truly are between him and Mario.

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