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02-24-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Simple task.

I am not going to debate the merits of the choices made, I am interested in seeing what some of you guys would do if put in position to run this team.

I am going to reply to this post with my own thoughts.

We can all get deep into fantasy moves and such, please try to be as realistic as possible in your approach.

Should be interesting.
So I guess first question would be fix the team from a coaching standpoint, or fix the team from General Manager standpoint?

As coach :

Not so much about personnal. More about what you can mold out of the hunk of clay you are given.
Three biggest areas of concern for me in order would be...
1) Bring them together. Some new faces here. Shortened season. Not a lot of time to get acclimated. In practice I'm running my lines the same way I am on game day. I'm letting them know what each ones roles are and what expectation are of them. I'd want each player to know where he stood in the coaches eyes. I'm certain the Rangers are already doing this, however I don't feel that each player knows where he stand individually with the coach.
2) Power play...No brainer. Drastic approach needs to be implemented here. I think outside help is the way to go. There's enough people employed by this organization. So many great hockey minds. I'm calling a meeting with the whole group to come up with one person who they feel is worthy of running this. Bring him in, and change it up.
3) Cutting ice time on my top line. Nash before the injury was being overused. Early on Richards was too. This system is grueling on players. Works better when top producers aren't overworked. 24 minutes is too much ice for a forward. If your not going to run a 4th line with enforcers that means you have more guys that can handle regular shifts. Know what you are working with. Top line center is aged. Top line RW is a big guy. Can't overwork a big guy by grinding him. Keep your top line fresh. Cut ice time on your second line as well. Give you bottom 6 more opportunity. If you look at a team like the Habs, thier third line is as important to the club as the top two lines. They are cohesive as a unit. Rangers, nearly 20 games in don't truly have designated lines yet.

Just to go a little deeper on designated lines. I'm obviously not a proponent of line changes on a nightly basis. But...if there is a player that is struggling in a certain position then I am all for bring up a guy that can create some competition from that said struggling player. But...I won't chance my whole roster around to make that happen. Subtle moves.

As GM:

Identify what the club is lacking through the coaching staff. If the coaching staff asks you for player A, and you deliver player A with failed results then you demand they do thier job with what you provided.

This year expectation were very high. Analysts, beat writers, opposing GM's, former players etc all considered the Rangers to be the team to beat. They weren't wrong. Rangers have a ton of the right pieces in place. Evidenced by the run they made last season. They were close. As a GM I would never dismantle this club.

Again, as a group through the staff employed I am going to look into what pieces are missing and what pieces are expendable.

To me right now expendable pieces are Boyle, Pyatt, 2 3rd round picks.
Depending on the return I'd consider Del Zotto as well.

First deal I'm looking to accomplish is one of Boyle or Pyatt and the pick for Clowe. Yeah I know...Clowe is too slow, getting older etc. I'd want Clowe here to ride shotgun for JT Miller. I'm looking at the move as bringing in a guy that has the physical aspects that make others around him play maybe that much bigger. More confident, etc.

Now on Del Zotto. I certainly wouldn't look to move him straight up for and unsigned Ryan O'Reilly. If Barrie or say a Duncan Siemens was in the mix then I'm ok with it. Before any of that transpires I would need to know with certainty that McDonagh and Girardi are ok. Otherwise MDZ is completely off the block.

Last move would be for a rental player to fill in on the top 6. A durable guy that can put the in the net and win battles along the boards. Should be a fairly good amt of players available at the deadline.

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