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Most of the players I've met have all been in downtown area.
The only one I didn't meet in downtown was Dave Morrisette. Saw him at Carrefour Laval.

I wouldn't even say I met the players, just said "Hey" or "Good game"

Saw Komisarek on St-Laurent BLVD. By the time I realized it was actually him, he had already passed me. He was my favorite player back then. Huge missed opportunity for me to talk to him.. being that I'm shy, I didn't want to run towards him to say Hi.

Also saw Tom Kostopoulos on St-Catherine. Wasn't even sure it was him, he was wearing the worst winter jacket possible for a hockey player (some blue and white jacket) maybe he just came back from a ski-trip. Bope. Either way, my girlfriend and I weren't sure if it was him. He was waiting for someone outside a store. After a while, a few fans started talking to him, so we kinda knew it was him. Said Hi, walked away.

Met Danius Zubrus once at HMV in downtown. My friend and I just told him good-luck with his injury, and we hope he returns asap.

Saw Mario Lemieux in the Mont Tremblant village with his kids. My father noticed him first, we didn't really want to say anything at all, he looked annoyed already and was with his kids.

A few years later, we saw Vincent Lecavalier and Brisebois walking infront of us in Mont Tremblant Village. HUGE guys. Ridicilous. Saw them again after, having a beer. Can't remember if this was before the whole Plekanec/Lecavalier trade rumour.

Saw Ribeiro at the airport. We were bringing my grandma to the airport, as she was heading to Portugal for vacation, he was probably bringing his parents. I think he was a Dallas Star at this point. Either way, he looked like the whitest gangster you had ever seen. Didn't really care to say Hi. Not a fan.

One day, we met Plekanec/Halak and Paris Hilton (OT) on the same day. Pretty crazy.
My girlfriend and my two friends were walking down St-Catherine and Halak and his gf/wife/mistress? were walking towards our way. We didn't really notice it until one of my friends starting shouting "HALAK HALAK HALAK!" in the most squeeky voice possible. He was exciting, being that Halak was and still is his favorite of the Price/Halak debate. Don't know why I'm still friends with him Anyway, Halak was caught a bit off-guard, but stopped, my friend said "Good game last night!" he said "Thanks!" that was it. I think we had clinched a playoff spot or were finished first in the conference. Can't remember what it was.

Anyway, we went into Chapters a bit after. Looking at books all individually, when my girlfriend comes up to me and says, "I think I just saw Plekanec, or a guy who looks FREAKISHLY like him"... We walked passed his way and low and behold, it was the Turtleneck gangsta, with his girlfriend. We said, good game last night.. again. (We're boring eh?) and he said Thanks.. and we let him be.

We then saw a crowd gathered around a store taking pictures, it ended up being Paris Hilton shopping at a store. Yeah I know who cares.

Anyway. I've seen a few, but no conversations with any... judging from people's stories here, I had alot of missed chances at talking with them! If I could do it over, I'd probably talk to them more.

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