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02-24-2013, 10:36 AM
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This realignment should be easier then they are making it. Start with the premise that every team plays 2 games against every other team in the league. Wouldn't all fans like the opportunity to see all the leagues teams and players? That would account for 58 games. That would also make travel somewhat more equitable between eastern and western teams. Next divide the teams into 6 divisions of 5 teams. Determine the alignment based on proximity for development of rivalries and time zones for convenience of fan viewing. A team plays each member of their own division an additional 2 or 3 times (10-15 more games).Then like the NFL play an additional 2 or 3 other divisions 1 more game. This could be rotated year in and year out. The total would be 58+10 (or 15)+ 15 (or 10)=83. We could even remove 1 or more dreaded preseason games which players and fans dislike!

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