Thread: Confirmed with Link: No Suspension for Max Pacioretty
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02-24-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
Ranger fan here... but I like to feel that I can be objective...

1. No way in hell was that a clean hit. That hit is the very definition of boarding. He turned into it a bit, but it wasn't one of those ridiculous calls you sometimes see where the guy is completely sideways and completely turns at the last second.

2. He was obviously running him in retaliation, but I'm not going to sit here and say that he was trying to kill him and dramatize it. These are men - you get hit, then you want to throw a hit back. He went overboard, but I don't think he was looking to break the guys neck.

3. If McDonagh gets right back on the ice then there is no hearing.

4. If there are no priors then I think a suspension is too much - with priors I think 1 or 2 games is fair - anything more is ridiculous. I think it was more or less a straight boarding play. It was bad, but nothing crazy.

Not to criticize you guys - we are the same way - it's funny how every fanbase thinks there team is unfairly targeted. I don't think any teams fans think they are treated fairly.

*I honestly think that his intention was just to throw a hard hit, but he went overboard. It is what it is.

Edit: One last point. Guys blaming McDonagh for not shying away? You don't want your players to take a hit to make a play? It's the hitters responsibility to hold up a bit - not crush every guy whose back is to the boards and say 'they should have known they were going to get hit and moved.' If this was Asham crushing Subban then would you honestly be saying.. 'Well, gee... Subban was going to play the puck, but he should have known Asham was bhind him so I think it's Subbans fault.'
Not suspension worthy. It was a boarding. Penalty. Done.

Anyways, this would've all been a non-story if Gainey hadn't traded him away

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