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02-24-2013, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by DekeLikeYouMeanIt View Post
Unfortunate how he can't create much anymore without the 2 dynamos. Sophomore slump.
He often creates things on the ice, as passing is likely his best asset but his linemates have had trouble converting. It's too bad they didn't keep him on the top line as the most effective player they have had play there but then the secondary scoring takes a hit. With the way he's played this year, he deserves to be on the top line. I know his coach said they like him better at center so next year he should be the top center unless Grimaldi steals it from him or an incoming freshman.

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
He has all he need's to succeed. Reminds me of DD but with a greater shot, more grit and a better two-way game... He still needs to get faster/stronger
I don't think he plays much like DD, he's so much quicker but lacks the lower body strength that DD has. Plus DD has insane vision/passing where Hudon is much more a shooter and uses his speed as a big part of his game. For me the main thing i'd like to see Hudon work on over the next 3 years is improving his lower body strength by a lot.

Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
So how bad is Thrower in his own zone? Is he bad defensively or just make bad decisions with the puck?

I hope it's correctable. We have tons of players ahead of him so he sure won't be rushed. I really hope he can will himself a spot in the future. Him and Tinordi would make us pretty damn tough back there.
I'd said he's shown a very clear pattern of making bad decisions with the puck in his own end. But he's strong and willing to play physical so I wouldn't say he's bad in his own end just that he makes high risk decisions that don't make a lot of sense (which we see/saw with guys like Beaulieu, Hainsey, Brezzy, etc...) he'll need to work on it but it could be a mental thing.

Here's his career stat line,

246 games, 29 goals, 77 assists, 106 points, +30, 337 pims

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Thrower will be fine with a good D coach and we have him now..
For me it's another part of why I would want to see him turn pro. I don't know how well he's been coached for the Blades and I don't know what management will do with the current staff in Hamilton for next year and beyond but would think that he would be better off as a pro then going back to where he'll be very comfortable. I'd rather see him be challenged and get the time to work with our coaching staff.

The other night the Dogs had Breezy behind the bench, I think that could be good for Thrower to be around someone that has so much expierence in the NHL and was an offensive D since Thrower has that ability.

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