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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Oh, he played with "and edge."

In the first game he was not the Blues' best forward; he was the worst player on the ice for either team. Did you not watch the game?

In Game 2 he was scratched.

How "special" must a mind be to convince oneself that missing Stewart's abysmal Game 1 performance in Game 2 is why the bottom fell out in the first period of Game 2?

He was better in Game 4 than in Game 3 (when he scored the goals but was otherwise invisible with his "edge" of 1 whole hit) ... and in Game 4 he was merely meh.

What is the weird compulsion to make stuff up about Stewart? If Stewart had been the best forward on the ice against LA or even close it would have been a talking point in trade board talks about Stewart. But guess what never happened because it's a fiction?
I have to agree with PocketNines. I was hoping that Stewart would be scratched for the LA series because he was awful in the prior series. and in fact awful all year.

He can shoot the puck, and he can fight. But in every other aspect of the game, he was and still is awful.

I respect the opinions of those who disagree, but I recommend you attend a game and focus on Stewart when he is on the ice. Don't follow the puck, just watch Steward. You will see him fail on the forecheck, go offsides in oddman rushes, ice the puck when he didn't need to, fumble the puck, fall down without being hit, make many passes that miss the mark. Those things don't show up on the score sheet, but they make him a very limited hockey player.

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