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07-16-2006, 03:45 AM
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Originally Posted by NyQuil View Post
Well, I'm back from a couple of days in the city with my wife and I had a great time.

It helped that the weather was absolutely stunning, but as a result, I didn't do too many "indoor" type things, like visiting the mecca of New York hockey (sorry Nassau Colliseum), MSG.

What I did do:

-took the Circle Line "Zephyr" boat around Manhatten. The sun was setting, I got some great pictures, and it was a wonderful way to spend a hot and breezy evening. Impressive to see the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty from the water.

-had a few drinks at the "drink in the rink" bar at the Rockefeller Centre. Funny to see all the worker bees show up at around 6-7 pm because apparently the drinks there can be cheap and its central (so said the locals I spoke with). Most of the places I ended up at were obviously filled with tourists, but this was an exception of sorts.

-ate in Little Italy at a very touristy but fun place along the street

-walked through Chinatown and Soho

-ran through Central Park on Saturday morning

-walked up and down Broadway, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Wall Street, Battery Park, Bryant Park, that kind of thing

-visited Ground Zero to pay my respects and see in person what billions around the world had seen live. Very eerie. I'll never forget where I was, it was the first day of class of my last year at university, and after dragging myself away from the TV at one of the student bars to get to my "Homeland Security" course, the prof basically told us to go home and watch TV while he intended to throw out the curriculum he'd planned for that year.

-I stayed at a place on 50th and Broadway called the Amsterdam Court. The rooms were small but pretty nice and the place was relatively cheap (I'm told) at $189.

-unfortunately, I never got a chance to try one of the multitude of great restaurant suggestions because usually we just ended up eating at a great restaurant that happened to be nearby at the time when we got hungry. I'll have to go back.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions. There really is so much to do and see and New York that I barely scratched the surface of what I could have done. I'm hoping to come back at some point in the winter, to catch a Rangers game, see the big tree and catch a show/see a museum. As it was, I was glad to be able to wander around with such beautiful weather.
Glad you had a good time, NyQuil. I love my city and am pleased when visitors can glean even a portion of what makes it so wonderful. Random thoughts:

Fantastic to hear you enjoyed your walk through SoHo and Chinatown - love that part of town, especially the way the vibe changes so drastically from street to street.

I have VERY mixed feelings about the whole ground zero thing. If you went and were moved, I can appreciate that... but as a life-long NYer, I am not happy with the way visitors typically experience that part of town. It makes me kind of angry that people push you towards it (like George Steinbrenner mandating when I have to feel patriotic by playing "America the Beautiful" during the 7th inning stretch at every Yankees game. I love my country, but I'll be patriotic when I am inspired to do so, thank you very much.) And the fact that there are vendors there selling tee-shirts .

Any decent hotel in in NY that you can reserve at $189 per night is a GREAT deal. I will recommend that place to any future visitors based on your comments. If you aren't fortunate enough to get that deal next time, you should also consider the Marriott in Brooklyn (just over the Brooklyn Bridge) - it's better than many of the hotels in the City and a fraction of the price while only a single subway stop from Mantattan.

Last but not least, as a hockey fan, you must come back during the winter - not for the tree as much as for the rink at Rock Center (right by where you had drinks). It sounds cheesy, I know, but still a great time in a Norman Rockwell kinda way, even for us jaded natives. AND of course you have to go to a Rangers game. I am a diehard fan, but even an impartial obsever I think would tell you that it ranks in the top ten best sporting events to see live.

P.S. Fletch, I was out in Slope this evening and actually by The Gate - no AC! The layout is fantastic (love the patio and the darts room with walls that double as blackboards), but in the summer the B.O. is a real turn-off. I will wait until September before I go back. Loki a couple blocks down, on the other hand, was fantastic - good bar scene, but not TOO crowded, with 4 or 5 TVs showing sports. Then a pool table and two dart boards. Then a very sexy lounge area. Then an outdoor patio. Combined with good funky grooves and good beers on tap... my new favorite bar!

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