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02-24-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by lbrowne View Post
Where are all the nancys saying we don't need fighters and blah blah blah. That was downright embarrassing that Patches never had to answer for that coward hit last night. Embarrassing.

I hope everyone gets healthy soon, there's not much time in this season.
Because that would have prevented the hit? Please. Seems to me the Bruins have some of the biggest, baddest guys around in Lucic, Thornton and Chara and yet Savard's career is pretty much done due to a much worse hit.

We can debate the psychological impact that players claim having an enforcer on the team provides (and, frankly, I think a lot of that is guys repeating what they've been told growing up in the game and/or not wanting to throw their goon teammates under the bus), but the idea that **** like this wouldn't happen if we had Colton ****ing Orr wasting a spot on our bottom line is ludicrous.

All players like that do is scratch the fans' itch to see vengeance imparted; they have NO bearing on preventing injuries in the first place.

EDIT: to be clear, I do believe that nasty defensemen and badass power forwards are more effective at PLAYING the game due to the edge they bring and other players' desire to avoid meeting them in the corners or in front of the net. My comments above are directed towards how fighters have no meaningful impact on preventing injuries.

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