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02-24-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Fedorov View Post
I thought the new CBA didn't allow this any more, I thought you couldn't bury contracts in the AHL like Wade Redden, Jeff Finger?

This is what I found on it. The contract will still hit the CAP so unless this is a precursor to more activity its not really gaining anything except him out of the lineup.
But you can't look at it from a Wings fan POV. If DPs contract was your problem, Iiitch would likely wait till he can buy out the contract this summer & get the cap hit off the books.

But in WangWorld, he wants that 4.5m cap hit whether DP plays or not. If DP is injured, then Wang gets the cap hit & insurance pays DPs salary. and let's be real here, DP is injured all the time. I wonder just how much $ insurance has paid DP over the year.

if DP is healthy, then Wang gets the cap hit & he pays the salary. But either way, he gets the cap hit. And he wants the cap hit. Take DPs cap hit off the books & all of a sudden he has to pay 4.5 million bucks to other players to reach the floor. Other players, who in all liklihood have a better chance to remain healthy. Not that I believe Charles Wang is sitting there hoping Rick gets hurt or something, but I doubt he gets upset when the insurance winds up paying his salary.

We really won't know what this demotion for a while. The way I see it, if Rick plays for the Isles again this season while Nabokov, Poulin & Nilsson are healthy, then it will mean they have no intention of buying him out.

If this summer Rick gets bought out under the old rules (which the NYI have the option of applying for some reason) then it will mean the Isles realize he isn't an NHL goalie anymore, but they really aren't interested in doing the right thing for their franchise which is about to move to the biggest city in America.

If by some miracle they buy him out under the new rules, then I'll consider it to be the best thing Charles Wang has done as owner besides keeping the club in the area.

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