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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I said that if he comes back and has a decent season he'd be worth at least a first. Go read the posts.

I also said three years ago that we should deal him for JVRD. A proposition you called ludicrous... well, JVRD is now 22 years old and sitting at 3rd in the league for goals.

Would you make that trade today if you could? Of course you would... Too bad we only think of things on a season by season basis.

His experience is beneficial to our youth but he's worth more to us as an trade asset than he is on our team going forward.

I don't give a **** about the standings man. I care about cups. We aren't winning a cup this year.

Dealing Markov for a good prospect or mid first in this draft gets us closer to a cup than keeping him does. I know it's hard for you to get this concept but it's true. And we should've dealt this guy a long time ago when we let Koivu and company walk away...

We're not going to tank if we trade Markov. And even if we did tank for a year... so what? It's about building towards a cup. The logo on front is more important than the name on the back. Deal him, play Weber and try to make the playoffs. If we make it... great. If not... fine. This season doesn't matter. Next year Bealieu or Tinordi can come up and take a spot.

Just too bad that we didn't figure this out years ago.
bang on brother most fans only see the short term micro view not the large big picture macro view

Markov is not the Markov of old , 5/5 he has been average at best folks and his points are strictly powerplay

agreed 100% we will not fall apart if he gets moved , PK will be the 25 minuite dman he should be

for once lets deal when our poker chips are high

I am not saying dump him but if a team calls for him offering a solid offer u have to think about it , he is not our core moving forward

yes my friend I want cups not standings or popularity contests or to make the fan base happy

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