Thread: Confirmed with Link: No Suspension for Max Pacioretty
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02-24-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
No one is saying he should shy away, but let's be real here. McDo hung a sharp left turn with his shoulder down. I'm not sure how Pax could have held up. It works two ways if you don't want McDo to shy away, how can you punish Pax for not shying away in a situation where it's the other player who clearly put himself in a vulnerable position.

I agree with some of your sentiment, but let's not pretend you can be impartial. In your first point you say he turns into it (BTW it's more than a bit), but not at last second. By this statement you confirm what we all know, he saw Patches coming but decided to turn into him. Case closed. Can't possibly suspend a guy for a hockey play. This play happens every game, if McDo clears around the far boards and continues skating the worst that happens is a glancing blow. He decides (or it's your system) to play the puck against the flow of traffic... bad things happen when you do that and your name is not Gretzky.
I'm agreeing that he didn't intend to injure him. I'm agreeing that I wouldn't suspend him. I just think he will be suspended bc he has a prior and there was an injury.

This vulnerable position though is utter BS. He was skating straight back to get the puck - you act as if the guy did a 360 at the last possible second. You think Paccioretty wasn't looking for an opportunity to crush him? Of course he was - I'm not even saying that's a wrong outlook. He just went overboard. A straight hockey play? Are you kidding me? Mcdonagh didn't shy away from going to get the puck - ok, then you know what? Let's bash everybody whose vulnerable head first into the boards - it's their fault - they should know better! Of course Paccioretty couldn't hold up - he had no idea where Mcdonagh was going - you know - straight at the puck.

It was a bad hit no matter how you want to phrase it - but it was a straight boarding call - nothing more.

I can't be impartial? My team hasn't won a game since Lucic crushed Rick Nash head into the boards. Some people on our board want his head. I'll tell you what I told them - clean, hard check.

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