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02-24-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Hansen Brother View Post
I'd like to propose something which I think would take us sideways at the moment but I believe would help us a great deal over time.

I'd like to say I prefer a tough, hard to play against defence as opposed to our current defence which has the ability to put up lots of points but is not very tough to play against.

Step 1: Trade Brian Little to Phoenix for Rostislav Klesla and Branden Gormley.

I think we would probably have to add a bit to this but I don't think it would be anything huge.

Step 2: Trade Tobias Enstrom to Colorado for Ryan O'Rielly and Duncan Siemens.

They would probably also have to add a high pick.

What this does is it upgrades our top six somewhat as our current roster would change from Brian Little to Ryan O'Rielly. It would downgrade our offensive production from our defence but it would make it alot bigger and tougher.

The kicker is we would pick up two very high end defensive prospects. In a few years we could have a top four of:

Gormley - Bogo
Siemens - Trouba

I understand there are problems with this. Klesla does get injured and Gormley isn't producing as expected this year in the A.

I do know that Phoenix is looking for young offensive help and they have lots of defensive assets. I also know Colorado's defense is pretty suspect. In principle they should both have interest in these trades.

I think they are both moves that would help us a lot. But I think the value in both cases is tilted too far towards us. Never thought about Gormley before but that could have some merit to it... We'd probably be in tough to get anything extra for Little besides Gormley though, he was a pretty high pick. Definitely not getting Klesla off them as well. Gormley and Trouba in theory sounds like a pretty good pairing 2-4 years down the road.

Enstrom for ROR + Siemens could be a good deal for us but I`m not sure Colorado has any reason to give up Siemens. They`re already having to cut bait with a 21 year old 2nd line center...Plus Enstrom has a NMC if I recall.

If all this Sherman wanting Little stuff has legs to it, that`s the best route to go IMO. Little + 2nd seems fair for a guy they have to get rid of at some point...

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