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02-24-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
You'll never know. Maybe the problem isn't Sherman either, maybe it's Kroenke not willing to spend big money on his team.

Remember that Kroenke got rid of pretty much all the best and highest paid players on his other sport teams.

Carmelo Anthony- Nuggets... gone

Van Persie-Arsenal...gone

Is it coincident, or Kroenke is all about spending less and trying to get more out of his teams? Maybe the guy is just a cheap ass rich businessman pinching every penny.

I'm surprised Stastny is still in Colorado, which i think would be smart to get rid of Stastny and his big contract because the guy just doesn't play like a 6.6 mill player. But i stay strong to my opinion and i really think Stastny is still in Denver because of his father Peter Stastny. The guy is living off his father's reputation otherwise Kroenke wouldn't hesitate to get rid of that 6.6 mill contract.
You saw the teams we had in the late 90's-early 2000's right? If the team is within reach of a championship, he'll spend money. I think the Avs are just sticking to their guns and relying on the youth they are developing. You can call is being stubborn, too patient, cheap, etc... it's the path they are choosing.

On Staz, I agree his contract may be too high. But wow, you make it sound like he doesn't do anything. The problem is fans expect more out of him because of his name.

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