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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
The problem i see with Torts is he is a phoney in every sense of the word.. He preaches tuff in your face hockey yet he doesn't allow it to happen. He signs and trades for Torts guys which is fine as a coach should have the players he want's put he punishes them and you can see the effects he has on them ex. Richards looks like a beaten dog..
I warned many yrs ago that he would strip this team of it's physical toughness and we would end up be pushed around.. I don't want to hear anyone question this fact in the enforcer /goon world i have a ton of connections and know these players personally.. Colton Orr tho limited played a effective shut down game under Renney and was in the head of players like Crosby and Ovch. Yet Torts never even wanted him and Sather granted his wishes and he was not offered a deal and gone.. Then Brashear is signed for what reason i will ever know as he was washed up and coming off a KO that almost killed his career. He was so beaten down by Torts and his punishments that he would have killed him if could have gotten away with it, then you slowly see the Rangers sign Rupp a torts guy can play and be tough. nice knowing ya kid hello Com Pow Chicken**** Powe and he is nearly killed and gone. oh by the way nice job of allowing MCD to get crushed with no one going near the guy who did it.Does that sound like we heard it before under torts? yea in Calgary with Drury !!! Please don't tell me Torts had Prust . Prust was a throw in that way exceeded his value in NY be became a fan favorite and well deserved as he did everything possible to win.. The islanders have Boulton/Martin/Carkner The Flyers any combo of 3 goons Pens have guys that will throw down Boston is tough 1-24 on the roster we need to win series vs these teams to make the playoffs and they out muscle and push the Rangers around it is a joke.. Torts keep screaming and yelling and being a bully i guess it is the fastest way to early tee times.
-The coach doesn't sign and trade for anyone.
-Richards looks awful because he's not in shape and has no confidence in his game. It has absolutely nothing to do with being "beaten" by Torts. He wasn't ready to start an NHL season. It's obvious.
-Colton Orr was never, ever in the heads of Crosbys and OVs - I don't care what anybody told you.
-Brashear sucked, not because of being punished by Torts, but because he was over the hill and past the point of being an effective NHL player.
-"Chicken**** Powe" did more in terms of being an effective player in a week or so than Rupp did in a year+.
- While it's definitely crappy that nobody came to defend McD, I have a hard time beliveing its because Torts told them not to. When anything goes wrong, the first reaction around here is people blaming Torts for it. Maybe he told them not to retaliate but I've seen no proof of that and I don't see a team that stands up for one another this season regardless of what Torts may or may not have said about a specific incident.
-Torts' "screaming and yelling and being a bully" led to this team winning 50+ games last year and advancing to the ECF. Real early tee times.

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