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02-24-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post

I actually think it's a great idea. Wish it would happen. And I've been to 3 WHC in Europe and enjoyed them all...but if N.America stopped participating, I wouldn't mind one bit. The only thing is though the IIHF will respond with "We'll ok then, we won't play in your World Cup." and how do you seed groupings for Olympics if Canada/USA only international play is the Olympics. Unfortunately we are stuck with what we got. There will be one WHC dropped though 1 every 4 years. 4 year international calendar is coming. 1. Olympics 2. World Cup. World Championship 3 years (dropped in an Olympic year) but there will be sometime of expanded European championship in that year which the WHC is dropped.
No there won't. There also won't be a World Cup nor will there Worlds dropped (unless they some how include promotion and relegation in the Olympics).

As if USA hockey or Hockey Canada would drop out of Worlds...

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