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02-24-2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Different team, same results. Same excuses, same scapegoat. The problems with this team lie much, much deeper than just one coach and one player. The organization isn't a mess, the development though is. I don't know how much we realize how good Brodin really is when we look at the development mess that has been inherited and continued with this team. Bulmer? Regressed. Phillips? Looks like a bust. Hackett? Scandella? Spurgeon? It's really sad how mediocre we really are when it comes to developing talent.

Yes, I believe Yeo is slightly the problem but it does no good to throw the captain off the boat when the first mate and everyone else on the boat is the problem. These same damn problems came up under Lemaire (Gaborik and his 'arguments' with Lemaire over stifling offense) to Richards to Yeo. How many more times are going to simply re-arrange the deck chairs on this boat and instead just rebuild the entire damn thing and this time do it right?

I don't think Parise and Suter realized just have prevalent the mediocrity is on this team.

Trade Koivu + 2nd for Getzlaf, something just to wake this team up. Give them a cold splash to the face.

Buy out Heatley, trade Setoguchi at the deadline. Let Bouchard and Cullen walk. Turn the team over to Parise because at least he sounds like a leader. What the hell were they talking about in that 'player only' meeting? How to show even less passion and play on the ice? If this is the response they get from a player only meeting, something is wrong. And it isn't the coaching. I could expect it from a guy like Zucker or Coyle. But Heatley? Koivu? Brodziak? These guys are damn professionals and have been playing for a decade or so. What do they want? Someone to hold their 'effin hands and shelter them?

Basic play. Not system. Not style. BASIC PLAY they are losing at. We have been last in shots on goal probably now for a decade. And goal scoring? We've been in the bottom 5 since 2009-2010 and the bottom 1/4 for most of their existence. This team has been a bit of a train wreck since it's inauguration with a few bright spots here and there but for the most part, we feel like the Cleveland Browns.

Fletcher has brought in goal scorers and has constantly changed his team up to give it a pulse but nothing has worked. Havlat, Nystrom, Parise, Suter, Zidlicky, Staubitz, Powe, Cullen, Brodziak, Setoguchi, Heatley, Gilbert....How many more players are we going to bring in and change up the roster?

Finally, my biggest issue with Koivu is he's being paid like an elite player (26th highest salary in the NHL) and hasn't shown that elite player ability yet. Are we really paying him that much for leadership? Defense?
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