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02-24-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by countrygentleman View Post
Honestly, what the heck was Fletcher thinking doing this twice in a row when we could have had established, professionals coaches instead. What a nightmare.
Again, you have to take risks to get ahead.

Yeo, at the time had a pretty damned good resume, and if we did not pick him up as coach, some other team defintely would have.

The other coaches available at that time all had certain stains on their reputation, none of them were perfectly ideal, so it was making the best choice possible.

Fletch took a risk, which he does from time to time. Sometimes they pay out, sometimes they don't. If it weren't for Fletch's risk taking we would not have the players we do now, or even close. Remember 2008? Mittens on the "top" line? And the rest of the craptastic roster with no decent prospects at all?

I am still happy with Flether and am glad we have a gm who is willing to take calculated risks.

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