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02-24-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
Ambiguity. With this set up you have two open spots in the west and two Florida teams playing 'Two of these things is not like the other.' I don't know the economics for the two FLA teams but Looking at the rest of the teams in the new conference, geography says those two FLA teams would be better in S. Ontario and Quebec. I'm not rooting for it but it looks like the league would consider it. Still, I see the two FLA teams have surprising attendance numbers. FLA is 9th in attendance %. and TB is 7th in average attendance.

As for the west, Portland and Seattle are there waiting for hockey. Portland has the Rose Garden; 18k seats 70 Boxes. Seattle will might have an arena with the new basketball team.
Ahh,... the Florida teams were in the previous proposal as well. I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to what was preceived as the League's logic for leaving two 7-team Divisions in the East in the previous proposal, and now two 7-team Divisions in the West. In the first scenario, people said it screamed of two expansion teams coming in the East; now people are saying that it screams of two expansion teams coming in the West. Perhaps the League is schizophrenic.

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