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02-24-2013, 12:44 PM
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Just wanted to make sure I have this right. We can keep Richards this year AND all of NEXT season too right? If at that point he's still hot garbage we can buy him out? This is perfect to me because to me we only signed him hoping for 3 or 4 seasons of elite play.

Instead we got one season of great legit 1 C play with some big moments but also long stretches of...this and now a second season of...this. I never expected this season to be so horrendous for Richards I have to think the lockout has a lot to do with it but it seems like an obvious preview of the next 6 years.Hopefully all these 22 and under guys will be even better next year. I have a feeling guys will heal and we'll go on a run still this season

Torts may be a casualty but I'm not sure he seems to be taking it easy on the players as if he realizes how extenuating certain circumstances are this year. With all the injuries AND past success I just don't see him getting dumped until we see a full fledged mutiny. These guys suck at scoring or they're injured they don't look lazy to me though.

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