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02-24-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
This season is done. Finished. Over. Yes you heard me, over. The Rangers haven't looked this bad in a LONG time even prior to the injuries. Torts did not get this team ready to compete for this clown show of a season for whatever reason and it's obvious. Even if by some miracle everyone gets healthy and they make the playoffs as a bottom seed they're not sniffing series wins against PIT/BOS/NJ.

That being said here's how to fix the Rangers:

1. Keep our entire top 4 D together. If I see another ROR for MDZ proposal I will lose my ****. MDZ is going nowhere unless it's a package for an offensive gamebreaker coming the other way
2. Trade Gaborik at the deadline/draft. Gaborik is a player with huge value that could net us a huge return. Gaboriks game does not fit this team at ALL. The guy is afraid for his life to have the puck on his stick and between Stepan and 2013 Richards we don't have a C good enough to distribute the puck to him as needed
3. Buy out Richards. The guy is done. Completely different player than what he was in DAL. He hasn't lost a step, he's lost 10. He was good last year in the playoffs but even last year he showed signs of decline. This year he is on his own planet. Replace with Getzlaf if possible
4. Tank in this joke of an NHL season and trade up at the draft for a top 5 pick using 1st from Gaborik trade. Use said pick to draft an OFFENSIVELY GIFTED forward. If this team drafts another defensemen in the first round I will throw a cinder block at my TV. We need our own Crosby/Stamkos/Seguin/Landeskog type player. A team full of Stepans is lovely except for the fact that he doesn't score. But at least his "hockey IQ" is off the charts. I hate to be that guy but we miss Cherepanov badly (RIP)
Largely agree, except as to trading Gaborik, which should only be considered if all other options to recover cap are eliminated. Return would not be the sniper Gaborik certainly is now.

Once and for all, maybe you guys who were doubting me will now finally come around and admit I was right, including that, if keeping the higher end of our core, we should move Stepan and Girardi for a talent upgrade. Don't want the excessive hand wringing that Girardi is our righty, etc. balance is nice, important, but maybe more than icing, even if frosting, it is still not cake, talent upgrade is what's needed here.

Lose Torts, let the kids play. next year Lindberg and Fast will compete.

No sacred cows.
don't be afraid to go 2 steps back today to go 5 steps ahead next year.

look at Chicago. Got lucky in G at last, ftm, but otherwise sensible to develop talent. Their distressed backline last year is back in good form. So much so top D prospect, first rounder Dylan Olsen is at the AHL, as is first rounder Mark McNeil.

Stop with all the bellyaching.
I don't care if KREIDER plays C for half a year as a stop gap!

Boyle + Christian Thomas, + maybe a pick if necessary, --- 2 steps back --- for Olsen and McNeil --- 3.5 steps ahead next year, with upside on how they develop. That's a deal Chicago can afford to do, and on paper wants to do.

Check out offers for Girardi/Stepan, separately, or jointly.

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