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02-24-2013, 12:50 PM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
We took a chance hoping Richards would be a good player. He was showing decline already in dallas and had just been concussed not to mention wrong side of 30 and all that.

We now have a miracle option to dump it. I'd NEVER advocate dumping Gabs who has actually performed up to and perhaps past expectation. Nash is likewise signed to massive length but I'd NEVER advocate dumping him because he's clearlyworth every penny.

That said we all know Gabs contract is up soon and that he is too old to resign so we WILL lose him anyway. If we can trade him for some picks and/or a good prospect and a legitamate 2nd/3rd liner around the level of an anisimov it's great. On top of that the cap space is needed. So we add a little to our pool, keep Nash (who is better than Gabs by a significant degree), keep everyone (Hag, step, CK, McD, Staal , MDZ, McI, JT and those highly regarded overseas prospects we have). There's a LOT to go with.

This team sans Richards and Gabs is way more talented than anything Nash was ever with in Clb. And we also have the willingness to go out an sign/trade for guys like Boyle, Prust, Feds, etc to fill out the roster around him. Most of the roster IS filled out around him. I don't consider dumping BR and Gabs blowing it up tho b/c there's way too much still there

Even if we buyout Richards and keep Gabs I'm still comfortable so no I do not think we have to explore getting rid of Gab but I certainly understand the rationale and think it could be a good idea.
Completely agreed. To me, the core is:

(I don't include MDZ, because I think he could be moved for a player of similar value and age who's a better fit - e.g. ROR - that could then be added to the group above.)

As long as you aren't moving guys off of that list and keep the majority of the top prospects in the system, you aren't blowing up the core. Indeed, in moving Gabs and/or Richie, you'd be looking to grow that core.

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