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02-24-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
It should be about making money in their cases. Who is more likely to show up on the road. It's clear the message being sent here by the NHL: You're not showing up to enough games, so we're opening the door for people who will.
I get that notion as well, to a degree. As it stands now, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the feasibility of how many more times Habs fans and Leafs fans will make the trips to Tampa than they currently do. Not saying they wouldn't, as they've historically shown that they do, but how many more trips above and beyond the norm? Locally, the remaining team fans have also been well respresented at Lightning games.

I wonder if this is more like an opportunity for Jeff Vinik to increase ticket pricing, as in the premium game variety, than it is to ensure butts are in the seats. I've always had the opinion since he took over as owner that a marginal-to-FMV ticket avg price increase was in order, as attendance hasn't always been an issue. It's the low price that is. I was hoping it would start this season but the Lockout kinda put a squash to that.

Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
Ambiguity. With this set up you have two open spots in the west and two Florida teams playing 'Two of these things is not like the other.' I don't know the economics for the two FLA teams but Looking at the rest of the teams in the new conference, geography says those two FLA teams would be better in S. Ontario and Quebec. I'm not rooting for it but it looks like the league would consider it. Still, I see the two FLA teams have surprising attendance numbers. FLA is 9th in attendance %. and TB is 7th in average attendance.

As for the west, Portland and Seattle are there waiting for hockey. Portland has the Rose Garden; 18k seats 70 Boxes. Seattle will might have an arena with the new basketball team.
I won't lie or be delusional... that vision has been circling around in my head for the last 16 hours, that the geographical aspect to this proposal looks an awful like a QC and TOR2 franchise. Be wary of the attendance %'s and numbers, BFC999, as they tend to be "slightly" overinflated. The Lightning have announced sell outs for every home game thus far, but would venture to guess that all but 2 home games were actual to capacity/every seat filled true sellouts. The other 2 being around the mid-hundreds shy, but "announced" as a sell out.

I can't truly speak for Sunrise, and taking into account the apparent "vacant" seats due to Club Red. They're there, just not visible (Club Red) according to friends of mine. But proposing that the two are candidates for Northern relocation, well... that's something the League would have to seriously, and with great certainty, go thru every scenario as to why it's justified and the subsequent ramifications (Lease with Broward County as a start).

Just thinking out loud here with some difficulty.

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