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02-24-2013, 12:58 PM
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There are two things I will say in McCarver's defense:

1) Joe Buck could make anybody look bad. Good broadcasting thrives on chemistry and Buck is so disinterested that any color analyst, even an enthusiastic young guy, would die on the vine.

2) Most color analysts have a distinct shelf life. With a handful of exceptions, if you're not talking about guys you used to play against, you aren't really relevant. McCarver played his first major league game in 1959...there's no way he was going to stay good in 30+ years of broadcasting. He was pretty good in the 80s, then started to go by the end of the decade when there weren't too many guys left in the league that he'd played against (he retired as a player in 1980).

Saying that, it's clear he needs to be put out to pasture. But so does Joe Buck. I don't understand what Fox sees in him. He doesn't care, he doesn't have good pipes or the gravitas that comes from decades in the game. He's the lazy son who took over dad's business and is proverbially running it into the ground.

Can we steal Jon Sciambi? He's great.

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