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02-24-2013, 12:59 PM
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Completely agreed. To me, the core is:

(I don't include MDZ, because I think he could be moved for a player of similar value and age who's a better fit - e.g. ROR - that could then be added to the group above.)

As long as you aren't moving guys off of that list and keep the majority of the top prospects in the system, you aren't blowing up the core. Indeed, in moving Gabs and/or Richie, you'd be looking to grow that core.
Agreed if we include the prospects one has to turn out good for us probably more than one between McI, Fasth, Lidberg, Thomas. (I still am suspect on kreider though he may not fit here) I'd still include MDZ because as long as he's here he's part of the answer for sure. We even still have Stralman here and he's clearly more of a benefit to this team. Anyway we both agree there is way too much here...what's more Richards has been so underwhelming and bad that essentially I consider it just getting rid of Gabs which is certainly not blowing it up.

Trade Hank, Gabs, Girardi, Nash, buyout Richards, trade Boyle, Kreider see NOW it's being blown to hell.