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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
I knew people would disagree but your 100% wrong coaching as a bully wears out fast , motivation and knowing who to kick and who to cuddle makes. A great coach. If Richards in just out of shape we are 18 games into the season wtf it take 40 games to get in shape ? Gabby scores. Everywhere but ny ? I coach has a ton to say about players that are kept or not signed if you don't know that I am sorry
How does anyone know he coaches like a bully? Because he's curt with the media?

That's my exact point throughout this entire thread. People point to whatever part of the team bothers them, blame Torts, and then everyone else piles on while nobody takes a second to think about whether the original blame was put in the right place. Richards sucks? Must be Torts. Guys aren't playing creatively? Must that Torts told them not to do anything but dump and chase. Nobody is standing up for each other? Must be that Torts told them not to fight etc. etc. etc. Maybe it's him. Maybe it's not. These judgements are almost entirely uninformed speculation though and they shouldn't be stated as fact like they currently are.

Based on what we've actually seen in terms of how players TOI has been adjusted and how Torts has spoken about the players individually - he knows who to kick and who to cuddle in some cases. Hags went from whipping boy to the most effective forward real quick, seemingly in part because he was "kicked." McD, whenever he's had an off game or a stretch of fighting the puck, has never, ever been called out. Hank is almost never blamed for anything. Those guys carry the team and they're "cuddled" for it while guys who don't pull their weight regularly aren't.

What if it takes Richards 40 games to get into shape? That sucks. I'm not arguing that. But that doesn't mean that Torts is "beating" him into sucking like you said. It means he's out of shape.

Gabby scores everywhere but NY? Check out his stats again and get back to me on that.

Yeah, a coach has a lot to say about transactions but the GM makes them, and you don't blame the coach for the GM listening to him. The GM deserves the blame for his own job performance. Again, perfect example of blaming Torts for everything before really thinking about it. From the last two posts, you went from sayings its his fault that Richards is playing poorly and the personel moves are solely his decision to saying that Richards is out of shape and the coach has "a ton to say" about moves. These are examples of the kind of thing that goes on around here all the time.

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