Thread: Post-Game Talk: Whats a "Special Teams" Jets lose 5-3
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02-24-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by JetsFan815 View Post
You can't be complaing too much about penalties because over the course of the season it all ends up balancing out. I don't see anyone here complaing about the penalty to Coburn with 4 mins left. People seem to magnify the bad calls against the Jets but ignore the ones in their favor (Coburn penalty being the best example in this game). At the end of the day your PP and PK have to be atleast somewhat competent if you want success in this league. I am jealous when I see other teams move the puck beautifully on the PP, whereas the only move on the Jets seems to be to send the puck to the point for a blast by one of the defensemen. It is clear that our PP has been figured out, our PP numbers are artificially being inflated from early in the season when teams were not familiar with the Jets PP system.
That's not the system, that is the players playing the system. They aren't executing. Look how many times they:

-try to skate it in alone
-make a dump to a bad area
-make a dump and fail to bust their ***** to get to it
-bobble a straightforward pass
-not do enough to settle a bouncing puck
-force a dumb pass that isn't there
-get bottled up by the defender and roll the puck along the boards making the target wait for it and have to pull it off the boards, making them an easy check
-stay stationery, simplifying the defenders task of blocking off passing lanes.

Some of the best PP strategies focus on working the puck back to the point and generating shots at the net. Teams that employ this strategy aren't doing it in stealth mode -- their opposition knows that is what they are going to do. Difference? Execution.

The Jets are so convinced they suck on the PP, it has become a self fulfilling prophecy. I've actually seen them executing from time to time, and our PP looks pretty good when they do. Problem is, at critical times, when we desperately need a PP goal, we clutch our sticks, and don't believe as a team we can get it done. We need some success to get our confidence back on the PP.

Having said all that, I think we do have 2 great shooters (Buff and Bogo), and 2 pretty solid shooters (Postma and Clitsome). I would try and change things up (and maybe the players mindsets) by running an umbrella.

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